A 2014 study from Deutsche Bank promises a digital (r)evolution in the financial sector

Thomas F. Dapp described this (r)evolution in the financial sector in his remarks on September 23, 2014:

“Innovations have many faces. There is no panacea for Internet technologies. Many innovations on the Internet are incremental in nature and mostly take place through trial and error. This requires investments, room for experimentation, room for freedom, room for creativity and tolerance for errors. Just like in the analog era, these innovations are the products of creative people with good ideas, courage, willingness to take risks and of course a bit of luck. ”

“Even if some major US Internet providers and a few start-ups are still ahead of the game when it comes to modern technologies and data analysis – competition for customers and market shares in the digital era has just begun. Even Google, Facebook and co. started small in the past. ”

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