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Investment and growth are necessary for a company to remain business and competitive. In many situations, payments must already be made in advance. Open receivables and fixed costs can quickly reduce liquidity. Many firms use Factoring to bridge liquidity bottlenecks. This was a quick solution, particularly for the pre-financing of invoices and open receivables. But even if factoring has some advantages, it is the high interest costs that many companies postpone afterwards. In order to solve this problem as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, SMEs can take our SME short term loan as an alternative at attractive conditions.

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In the latest ERFOLG issue (Issue 4/5 / April / May 2017), Nik Haage * explains how CreditGate24 can help SMEs grow rapidly and efficiently.

SMEs and self-employed people can quickly get into the situation of a financial shortage. SMEs with a promising product range need capital to grow and to be able to realize more orders. Particularly in the present time, where a low interest rate prevails, it is advisable to request for a loan.

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In the February / March 2017 – ERFOLG issue, Dr. Teddy Amberg* shows how small and medium-sized companies can use their private property as collateral for a favourable business loan.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult for SMEs and self-employed to get a business loan on favorable terms. Above all, the fact that they can not provide any collateral makes the loan even more expensive. A good alternative can be the 2nd mortgage for business use. As collateral, you can use your own house or your own home.

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