We are ready!

The winds of change are blowing in Switzerland! The innovative peer-to-peer platform CreditGate24 is well on the way to fundamentally revolutionise lending, with its low costs and attractive potential returns. The company brings potential borrowers and lenders together online. Transparent, easy, quick and with maximum security!

Further education, a honeymoon or company expansion – there are so many possible reasons for wanting greater financial flexibility. P2P loans have developed here as a credible alternative to traditional bank loans. As far as many financial experts are concerned this “FinTech” is the next big online trend in our digital world.

Online credit exchanges that operate without the use of a bank counter have already proved very popular in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. They bring private lenders and private borrowers together and in the process do away with the rigid and cost-intensive structures of the big financial institutions..

CreditGate24 is now bringing a similar system to Switzerland – not just for private individuals but also for institutional investors and borrowers. It is conform with Swiss regulatory law and for the first time there is no upper limit on loan values. Investors get significantly greater returns than they would with a savings account or medium term bonds. For those who are looking to take out a loan, the model is cheaper, more flexible.