Fragen und Antworten

What does the service of CreditGate24 cost?

CreditGate24 receives remuneration for quality control, use of the platform, and the support service offered to both investors and borrowers during the term of a loan.

Borrowers pay an annual fee of 0.6 – 0.8% p.a. of the loan amount which will be deducted from the pay out amount.

Investors pay a fee of 1% on every monthly instalment paid back by the borrower (amortisation and interest).

How do I receive my returns?

As an investor, you receive your returns (amortisation and interest) every month after the instalment of the borrower has been paid via CreditGate24 to your account and transferred to your designated external account (Bank or Post account).

Which fees do I pay as an investor?

Registration with CreditGate24 and investing in credit projects is free of charge. CreditGate24 charges a fee of 1% on every repayment to your account (amortisation and interest).

What are my benefits as an investor?

Investors can invest individually in different credit projects with very attractive risk-return profiles (credit rating grades). Further, investors are able to support borrowers and their projects.

CreditGate24 links investors and borrowers directly; due to our online strategy, we avoid the large amount of overhead costs experienced by traditional credit suppliers. Investors and borrowers benefit equally from our cost-saving strategies. The security of our investors’ investments is CreditGate24’s top priority. We guarantee this security through the following measures:

  • Every credit project must go through a strict and elaborate credit risk check
  • In case of death, the residual debt balance (up to CHF 100’000) is ensured for all rating categories and will not be transferred to the heirs.
  • We practice loan default pooling, wherein the effect of a loan default on single investors is minimized by distributing the effect of the loan default to all investors within the same rating grade
  • Strict supervision of all payment streams and systematic claims management.

Despite these efforts, the possibility of risk remains.  Therefore, we recommend you split your investments into projects with different credit rating grades.