Fragen und Antworten

What are the fees at CreditGate24?
Who can apply for a loan over CreditGate24’s platform?

Anyone can apply for a loan through CreditGate24’s platform, providing the following conditions are met:

  • Majority age
  • Residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • Passing of identity and money laundering check
  • Regular income and/or securities/properties
How do I apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan is quick and intuitive:

  • Before registering, you can already calculate the monthly rate for your desired loan depending on the amount and the term.
  • After registration, you submit the personal information necessary for a credit check
  • Once this information is received and analysed by CreditGate24
  • Once you have signed the credit project contract, we publish your credit project on our platform so it is visible to investors.
  • As soon as your credit project is fully financed and the investment money is wired to CreditGate24, the funds will be transferred to your account (CreditGate24 fees deducted)